[Secretariat] [CESG] Space Link Services Area Resolution Resolution SLS-R-2013-11-002 for Planetary Communications

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>Gian Paolo,
>I am pretty sure that an Area Director can close a BoF or SIG 
>without CESG approval.
>No poll should be required.
>Can someone confirm?
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>Subject: [Secretariat] [CESG] Space Link Services Area Resolution 
>Resolution SLS-R-2013-11-002 for Planetary Communications
>Dear All,
>        find here below Space Link Services Area Resolution 
> Resolution SLS-R-2013-11-002 for Planetary Communications.
>Best regards
>Gian Paolo
>SLS-R-2013-1-001(414.1+414.0)  SLS Resolutions to CESG
>The Space Link Services Area,
>- the Planetary Communications (PCOM) SIG concluded work in Fall 2012
>- in Spring 2013 the Planetary Communications (PCOM) BoF reached 
>consensus on a Concept Paper for a Green Book on Planetary Communications
>- SLS-RFM started working on this goal in Fall 2013
>RESOLVES to request CESG/CMC to move to historical status the 
>Planetary Communications (PCOM) SIG/BoF
>RECOMMENDS that the CESG approve this resolution, and finally
>REQUESTS that a CESG poll be conducted to accomplish this.
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