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Reference Implementations

Secretariat and CESG (Nestor/Wallace):  I think that somehow we need to 
figure out which of the software implementations that are downloadable 
from our website are qualified as ?Reference Implementations? and label 
them on the website appropriately. 
I think the implications of ?Reference Implementation? are that (1) It has 
been  certified to have tested all of the features of the protocol 
according to the (P)ICS and the Yellow Book Test Plan,  and (2) It can be 
used by customers to help verify the compliance of their developed CCSDS 
However, the Secretariat has no way to do that, having no technical 
Nestor, Wallace, I?m passing this question to you.  My first two 
paragraphs start with ?I think??   Do you agree?  If so, how do you 
suggest we proceed to get a reliable label of ?Reference Implementation? 
on products that qualify? 
I believe that this is supported by some statements in the Strategic Plan 
about goals of CCSDS to have an online library (of Reference 
Implementations?) though at the moment I am working from memory on that. 
Copying Peter since this discussion came up in his Boot Camp pitch. 
   -=- Mike
Mike Kearney
Lead Technology Manager
Mission Operations Laboratory

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