[CESG] SSG request re SANA SCID registry policies in CCSDS 320.0-B-6

Shames, Peter M (312G) peter.m.shames at jpl.nasa.gov
Fri Nov 1 18:56:40 EST 2013


I am not certain of how we should handle this update, but it is formulated as a CESG resolution.   As a result of the SSG meeting and CESG discussion the SSG wishes to request the following change, to be applied to the CCSDS  GLOBAL SPACECRAFT IDENTIFIER FIELD: CODE ASSIGNMENT CONTROL PROCEDUREs, CCSDS 320.0-B-6.
Regards, Peter


SEA-R-2013-11-001, Resolution concerning the SANA SCID Policy in CCSDS 320.0-B-6

The CCSDS System Engineering Area:

CONSIDERING that the SANA Steering Group has reviewed the current SANA SCID Registry Policy;

and RECOGNIZING that the present policy is subject tto misinterpretation;

and RECOGNIZING that existing practices of users of the SCID registry are out of sync with the desired procedures;

RECOMMENDS that the SANA SCID policy in CCSDS 320.0-B-6 be changed as follows:

  *   A new Section 3.4.2 shall be instered stating:   The SANA shall assign the speciic SCIDs based on availability.  Only in exceptional circumstances will user requests for specific numerical code assignments be honored.
  *   Section 3.4.5 shall be modified as follows:  User requests for assignment of specific numerical codes may be accepted in exceptional circumstances and only if those numerical codes are available. The user should refer to the catalog of existing SCID assignments (reference [6]) to avoid requesting assignments that could result in duplication, and, therefore, denial of a request.  If a request for a specific numerical code cannot be honored the SANA shall assign a SCID based on availability.
and REQUESTS that the CCSDS Engineering Steering Group Chair initiate the required CESG poll for approval.

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