[CESG] Fall meeting location - San Antonio

Kearney, Mike W. (MSFC-EO01) mike.kearney at nasa.gov
Tue May 7 18:45:06 EDT 2013

CMC and CESG members:  NASA has replanned the fall meeting location to San Antonio, Texas.  Our outstanding colleagues at Southwest Research Institute (SwRI) have offered to host the meeting on their campus.  The meeting remains on the same days, and will follow the 4-day template (with a CESG on Friday).

The only disadvantage compared to some venues may be that we will be spread across several buildings, but we think the walking distance between meeting rooms will be less than the distance between rooms at CU-Boulder in 2011.  And SwRI has offered to provide coffee/water, so that partially overcomes the persistent legal problems that NASA has in providing food.

We will post logistics info (hotel, transportation, etc.) online shortly.  An announcement to the CCSDS-All mail list will follow shortly.  Here is a my Google Map of the SwRI location.

Best regards,

   -=- Mike

Mike Kearney
Lead Technology Manager
Mission Operations Laboratory

"Good ideas are not adopted automatically. They must be driven into practice with courageous impatience."
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