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Thu Jan 31 18:38:59 EST 2013

- works for me. thanks for moving this forward.
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Le 2013-01-31 à 18:00, Shames, Peter M (313B) a écrit :

> Dear Colleagues,
> During the last CESG meeting the topic of XML Standards and Guidelines came up again.  There is an action item to finally try and deal with this topic before it gets totally out of hand.  The proximal cause of concern is the CSS SM WG trying to align their SM schema with the MOIMS Nav WG schema.  There clearly is a need to be able to map the NDM XML terms that describe orbits and ephemerides to the inputs needed to support SM XML service requests, but things are not so simple.  And we already have a number of other schema either defined or in the works (XTCE, XFDU, DEDSL XML, and now SOIS data sheets, see second file with search of the CCSDS CWE).
> The last time we tried to do something with this XML topic we got stuck in a "how to boil the ocean" discussion that never closed.  As a result we did not even get the most basic things nailed down.  We need to do something practical, and now, before things get further out of hand.  
> Based on the discussions in the CESG, and on some further discussions with Marc, Erik, and David we have identified four top level things to tackle and one longer range one:
> Publish the RFC that claims the CCSDS namespace (old draft attached)
> Develop some simple guidelines for using the CCSDS namespace
> Come up with some simple guidelines for versioning of XML schema 
> Define a standard approach for SANA XML schema management
> These should all be quite do-able in fairly short order.  Marc Blanchet, who has quite a bit of understanding of XML and the Internet RFC world, and who is the SANA operator that will have to manage this stuff, has agreed to take the lead to get this done, but he will need help from each of you who are involved.
> The last item that we really need to tackle, and which will bring the longest term benefits, is to come up with a common information model.  As you know something like this was attempted as part of the aborted Reference Architecture SIG that Erik led.  This resulted in getting most of the major boundaries between WGs and areas sorted out (at the time), but never did get the resources to develop either a high level architecture model nor a common or unified information model.
> Since there are points of tangency (like the NDM XML and SM XML), and there are likely to be others in the future, we need to have some means for dealing with this.   This might only be a future looking plan to eventually get these information models to align where they must and when they can.  I'm not trying to solve this now, but would like to ask that we think about it as part of this effort.
> Proposal for a plan:
> Have a telecon within the next month so that we can try and get alignment on what we must accomplish
> Create a plan to accomplish it
> Get at least the namespace registration RFC done prior to the upcoming CCSDS meeting
> Identify people who can get a start on the XML guidelines
> Can we try for a telecon on Tuesday, 19 Feb, at 0700 Pacific, 1000 Eastern, and 1600 CET?    
> I hope you are willing toi support this.  If you cannot make it please try and identify an alternate to represent your WG.
> Thanks, Peter
> <XSG RFC Draft 22Dec05.rtf><CCSDS CWE.pdf>

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