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R E M I N D E R 

Dear all,

We need your collaboration

During the CMC discussion of " the big picture" the issue of our open 
action CMC-A-2012-04-07 came back.

In order to avoid more work that the one specified in the action (see 
CMC instructs the CESG Chairs and Area Directors to review the current 
strategic plan and update as necessary to include strategic planning for 
each area, an overview of CCSDS activities, how the Area/WG activities are 
?wired? (interdependent) and how they support other activities. There 
should be an emphasis on the capabilities that result from the activities 
of the areas, in order to support decisions about starting new work or 
continuing existing work.
Action: CESG
Due Date: Spring 2013 Meeting (status update at Fall 2012 CMC meeting, 
with examples)
Status: Open

it was proposed to change the action due date from Spring 2013 to end 
February 2013.

In order to tackle the action, I would propose a two phase approach
ADs / DADs update the half page Area strategy (including interdependent 
activities and capabilities) (see example below for MOIMS text to be 
updated)        24th January 2013
NestorI consolidates all the inputs                             27th 
January 2013
CESG Chair propose updates to all other sections                15th 
February 2013
CESG agrees on document to be sent to CMC for comments.    28th February 

Example for MOIMS


The objective of the Mission Operations and Information Management 
Services (MOIMS) Area is to address all of the flight execution phase 
applications that are required to operate the spacecraft and its ground 
system in response to mission objectives, and their associated detailed 
information management standards and processes. The focus of this Area is 
primarily on the ?mission operations? functions that occur on a timescale 
driven by the flight path of the space vehicle. In many cases a dedicated 
community conducts these mission operations, while ?mission utilization? 
occurs on a timescale that is convenient for users and is often conducted 
by a separate community. The MOIMS Area ensures that application standards 
exist which facilitate the smooth transition of space mission information 
between the ?mission operations? systems and the ?mission utilization? 

The strategic goals of the MOIMS Area are:

By 2006: to develop and deploy the standards that specify an extensible 
framework for packaging data and metadata.
By 2006: to develop and deploy the standards for the exchange of 
Navigation information (e.g. position, velocity and attitude) by 
establishing content and format for tracking, attitude, trajectory and 
ancillary data (e.g., gravity models, spacecraft orientation). 
By 2008: to develop and deploy the standards for the submission and ingest 
of   digital data sources and digital metadata to the Archive, for the 
identification of digital data within the Archive and for the search and 
retrieval of digital data and metadata. 
By 2008: to deploy and develop a suite of standard spacecraft Monitor and 
Control (M&C) services that are exposed for cross support interfaces 
between M&C and other mission components

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