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Dear Mr. Mike Kearney and all:


This is the big sad news, indeed. We met him a few times only but he gave us very deep impressions for his remarkable professionalism and kindness. It seems that his voice by teleconference is still echoed in the meeting room.

Wish him sedateness and happy in other world with our deep admiration and respects.


Huixian Sun


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  It is with the deepest possible sorrow that I must inform my colleagues that Adrian Hooke passed away this prior weekend.  He has been struggling with illness for some time.  


  Adrian established the very foundation of our work, and grew to be close friends with many of us.  This is a major loss to our community, and to many of us as individuals.   I am very happy that Adrian could make it to the CCSDS spring meeting last year, so we could recognize him with the award.  I will keep Adrian's smiles as we presented him with the award as one of my best memories of our time with him.  


  Initial contact with his family indicates that their arrangements are for the family only.  If that changes, or if we get any other info, I will pass it along.   


     -=- Mike


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