[CESG] New version of the CCSSD Strategic Plan

Nestor.Peccia at esa.int Nestor.Peccia at esa.int
Fri Feb 22 05:48:51 EST 2013


I am still missing feedback from SEA, CSS and SOIS Areas.

No comments by end Feb 2013 implies that you are happy with my proposed 

I will send the CCSDS Strategic Plan to the CMC on 1st March 2013

Dear all,

Instead of waiting for the missing areas inputs, I have produced a new 
version of the Plan based on what I received until yesterday. I have 
included some changes to SEA, CSS and SOIS sections (please forgive me for 
the potential mistakes).There are still some cosmetic issues (fonts, not 
ordered by date, etc).

You will find attached a clean version and a tracked change version

[attachment "CCSDS-StratPlan-A01x1y1x1-d6v0-Feb13.doc" deleted by Nestor 
Peccia/esoc/ESA] [attachment 
"CCSDS-StratPlan-A01x1y1x1-d6v0-Feb13-Trackedchanges.doc" deleted by 
Nestor Peccia/esoc/ESA] 

I have also uploaded them within the CESG CWE Private CCSDS Strategic Plan 

The next step for you is to review it and send me comments by 16th Feb 
2013 cob.

If you do not send comments I will assume that you are happy with your 

Considering that
 the CMC is starting a new "big picture" working group (not precisely to 
shoot photos with a Nikon)
the CESG has an action since long time (and with a an updated closing date 
of end Feb 2013)

I would like to broadcast a new draft by end Feb 2013.

We will also discuss  it (at CESG and CMC level) at Bordeaux.

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