[Secretariat] RE: [CESG] Can we belay the CESG Poll for SSI?

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I was not aware that there was a "parallel" review going on; and 
since I had to reorganize some of the material in the book for 
conformance with CCSDS style, the CESG approval version differs from 
the version under SISG review.  I think the appropriate thing to do 
is to withdraw the CESG poll and wait until a final version of the 
document is delivered to the Secretariat before starting another CESG 
poll.  Doing so will almost certainly delay CCSDS publication until 
after the spring meetings, however.


At 09:28 AM 2/19/2013, Scott, Keith L. wrote:

>I thought of that (or, preferable from *my* point of view, "Approve 
>with Conditions" with the conditions being to resolve issues with 
>the SISG).   J
>                         --keith
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>Subject: Re: [CESG] Can we belay the CESG Poll for SSI?
>         I do support your request and I would be in favor of 
> canceling the current poll and restarting it after the SISG 
> comments are finalized.
>If needed we can simply DISAPPROVE WITH COMMENT   this poll with the 
>same effects  :o)
>Best regards
>Gian Paolo
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>[CESG] Can we belay the CESG Poll for SSI?
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>The SSI Architecture Green Book is a deliverable to the IOAG and is 
>currently being reviewed by the revived Space Internetworking 
>Strategy Group (SISG) review team.
>Can we reschedule (or maybe just extend) the polling period on the 
>SSI Architecture Green Book until the SISG review has had a chance 
>to comment on the document?  This would allow for any comments to be 
>incorporated as part of the CESG review process.  In practice, the 
>SISG will have reviewed the document by mid-March, so an SSI 
>Architecture poll that ends at the end of March (i.e. delay or 
>extend by about a month) would be useful.
>                         --keith
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