[CESG] BOFs and White Paper vs. Concept Paper vs. White Book

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Tue Apr 30 11:10:17 EDT 2013

Dear All,
        please find here attached some considerations about BOFs and White 
Paper vs. Concept Paper  vs. White Book.
I generated these considerations taking into account that "originally" 
(i.e. just after CCSDS restructuring) there were no CWE Projects to take 
into account; i.e. the Charter were self contained with respect to the 
complete work to be done by the WG. I have the impression that this new 
situation is not fully reflected in CCSDS A02.1-Y-3 yet.

Here below some text from CCSDS A02.1-Y-3 about BOFs activities together 
with some comments from me.

1) The charter states the scope of discussion for the WG , as well as its 
goals and deliverable products.>
[GPC] OK this is one of the documents to be produced by a BOF for eventual 
CESG + CMC Approval with the remark that CESG does not focus on resources.

2) Figure 6-1: CCSDS Document Taxonomy 
[GPC] This figure requires a Concept Paper to start a Green Book (and not 
a White Paper). A White Book is  a "CCSDS Proposed Draft Recommended 
Standard"; i.e. draft blue before becoming red. ===> Concept paper and 
White Book below to the document life cycle with the Concept Paper being 
the document needed to start a CWE Project (i.e. to accompany the poll for 
the creation of a CWE Project). This is also assuming the 1 to 1 
correspondence between books and projects.

3) The work of the BOF is to articulate the technical concept, usually in 
the form of a brief white paper, draft a charter for the proposed WG , 
appoint someone who is able to be chair, and demonstrate that resources 
can be secured to do the work. 
[GPC] Reading this text it may look that a White Paper paper supports  a 
Charter while a Concept paper supports a (project to write a) Book
Would everybody agree? 
 In general I have the impression there is an hole in the real procedures 
due to the fact that  "originally" everything was done creating a WG and 
then the WG was going to create (internal, not CWE) projects. 
Now the approach we have taken is that CESG/CMC approve creating a WG 
together with the (first) project(s) in order to evaluate also resources; 
e.g. look at Telerobotic just as last case. 
Taking into account all I have said above, a BOF should provide a final 
package made of 4 items
a) Draft charter for approval
b) White paper supporting the draft charter
c) One Draft CWE project for each proposed book
d) One Concept paper for each proposed book supporting the related  draft 
CWE project 
        Actually c and d could be included as Annexes to the White paper.
        Moreover c should be limited to the books for which the work will 
start at WG Creation or shortly after to avoid approving projects planned 
to start 3 or 4 years after WG creation).
        Then d could keep the 1:1 relationship with c or (optionally) 
include also concept papers for future books (if available).

Would everybody agree? 
In general, the difference between white paper and concept paper looks 
fuzzy in the current book.. 

Am I the only one puzzled about this?
Would you share the need of some (little) editing to CCSDS A02.1-Y-3 in or
der to make all this clearer (and specially BOF output for CESG/CMC 

Best regards


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