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It might be interesting to compare the Spring 2013 attendance to that of
Spring 2012 as well as Fall 2012, so as to see the effect of visas and
transatlantic travel.






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Hello Nestor,


Attached is the PowerPoint file with the stats. A few notes:


1. As expected, the NASA attendance is significantly less than in past
meetings outside the U.S. but what is interesting is the spike in RFSA
(Russia) and CNSA (Chinese) attendees. Not sure if this is a trend or
because they were all able to get visas on time for Bordeaux.


2. The spike in SEA attendance for Tuesday is due to the XML SIG which
had 19 attendees.


3. The increase in attendance for SOIS on Monday and SLS for much of the
week is based on the number of Chinese (for SOIS - Application Support
Services) and Russian (for SLS - all the WGs) attendees.


4. Note that the SM&C WG has a very diverse agency representation and
this is because of the presence of an attendee from South Korea and


5. There's a slight increase in attendance each day compared to Fall
2012, despite the low attendance from NASA, because of two factors: (1)
additional groups meeting (i.e. DAI, DAI/RAC, XML SIG, CFDP Refresh BoF,
Timeline Data Exchange, and (2) the increase in attendees from Russia
and China as noted above.



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