[CESG] XML Standards & Guidelines Special Interest Group (SEA-XSG) Draft Agenda

Shames, Peter M (313B) peter.m.shames at jpl.nasa.gov
Mon Apr 8 15:33:46 EDT 2013

Dear XML SIG colleagues,

As you know we plan to have the XSG SIG meeting on Tuesday, 16 April, from 1700-1900, in the AWACS room (same as D-DOR).  We expect to have a representative from each of the CCSDS WGs that presently have, or plan to develop, XML schema.

Here is a first cut at an agenda.  Please comment if you have changes you wish to propose.

1700-1715 Call Meeting to Order, introduce participants, review agenda
1715-1730 Review plan of work, Shames lead
1730-1800 Review updated draft RFC, Blanchet lead
1800-1830 Discuss guidelines for versioning of XML schema, Barkley lead
1830-1845 Discuss SANA XML Schema management, Blanchet lead
1845-1900 Plan for future work, task assignments, Shames lead

Thanks, Peter

The proposed list of topics for the SIG (from 21 Feb 13 telecon) are these:

  1.  Publish the RFC that claims the CCSDS namespace (Marc Blanchet is working on a revised draft - claim the CCSDS namespace, draft RFC)
  2.  Develop some simple guidelines for using the CCSDS namespace (old RFC has some guidance on how to divide up namespace, agree to make it separate)
  3.  Come up with some simple guidelines for versioning of XML schema
  4.  Define a standard approach for SANA XML schema management
  5.  An additional topic might be to use the SANA to register all of the XML schemas now in use, in CCSDS (and possibly in the agencies)

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