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Mon Apr 8 10:27:38 EDT 2013

If not done yet please upload your view graph

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On 08.04.2013, at 08:44, "Chris Taylor" <Chris.Taylor at esa.int> wrote:

> Dear all, I am sorry for this late notice but I am unable to attend the
meeting next week, I have a few personal difficulties that I need to resolve
and these will keep me away. It's a bigger shame as I was hoping to drink a
beer in remembrance of dear Adrian, alas life does not always go to plan.
> Stuart, I hope you will be willing to stand in for me at the opening
plenary and report on progress. The wireless group will not meet so it is
only the apps group.
> Dai, we have already discussed the ESA position on the CFDP updates, so may
be you can present these for me, I believe they are anyway inline with you
own thinking,
> My best regards
> //ct

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