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Kearney, Mike W. (MSFC-EO01) mike.kearney at nasa.gov
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CMC members:  This email CC is for your info only, since you may have CESG members that may speak to you about this.

CESG members:  We have a question for the CESG members concerning the RID system that is in development.

As you know from the briefing delivered by Brian Oliver in Cleveland, the RID system is planned to have a multi-level review system, where first centers can have internal reviews, then the review results are forwarded to agency coordinators, and then those results are forwarded to the international coordinator.

The question is this:  Is NASA the only agency that needs center-level reviews?

Of course, we will always support at least two levels of review:   Agency and International.  The question is whether a third level of review, Center level, is needed by any other agency besides NASA.   If the answer is that NASA is the only agency interested in this, then the implementation of the RID system is somewhat simpler and can be completed faster.

If later requirements come up for a agency that wants multiple centers (or multiple coordinators within the agency for any given groups), then that could be implemented at a much later date.

I am sending this question to the CESG representatives now, so that you can either; (1) advise me of the response, which I can take to the CCSDS CMC meeting, or (2) they can advise their own agency representatives to the CMC so they can be prepared when the question comes up in the CMC meeting.

Thanks much for considering this question in advance of our meeting.

Best regards,

   -=- Mike

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