[CESG] RASIM Green book question

Hooke, Adrian J (9000) adrian.j.hooke at jpl.nasa.gov
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Peter: I have to point out that this document is quite irregular since:

1.      The CMC specifically decommissioned the working group (and thus the document) from the CCSDS program of work.

2.      There is no trace of this document in the projects area of the CWE

3.      It therefore appears to have been "immaculately conceived", since there is no written pedigree with respect to official CCSDS authorization.

I understand your reason to want to publish it as a source of information, but as Nestor noted there is no mention of this document in your recent CESG business reports and I am not sure that suddenly issuing a poll from out of the blue is the right way to go about it.  And since there are no resources allocated to formally reviewing it, then a formal poll seems to be difficult to justify. I therefore suggest that it would be more appropriate to first circulate it  informally to the CESG to see if anyone objects to polling, rather than dropping this into the polling hopper without any apparent prior notice. If you get no objections and people generally think that it is a useful contribution, then by all means let's go ahead and re-submit for formal polling. I think that Nestor has already volunteered to do that from a MOIMS viewpoint.

But if we do that, it raises an interesting question about how to handle "widow" documents that are left standing at the altar after a working group gets terminated. To all intents and purposes they don't exist, since there is no official project associated with them. Do we have any way of referring back to the original project authorization prior to WG termination, so that at least we can see the history of where they came from and what they set out to do and why? Do we have a "historical" area for projects which for one reason or another have now closed? Was there ever a specific project associated with this document?

Erik asks a separate question, which is that if we DO publish it then what do we use it for? Is it just general information, or do we want to use it as the basis for something more?


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Dear CESG colleagues,

Just to re-cap.  The RASIM document was the first part of the work proposed for completion within the ISA WG.  There was follow on work that was intended to provide Magenta or Blue Book specs for the SOA style component interfaces.  However, since the CMC requested the ISA work to be stopped, and NASA funding has been cut, this last part was never completed.

Since the RASIM document is the only place in CCSDS where we have anything like a complete treatment of how information system architectures get assembled, and of how SOA-style architectures operate, I thought it important to at least publish this document.  My suggestion is that as other WGs explore separate parts of this problem space that they look at the principles and approaches documented here and then do the work to actually define the individual "moving parts".

I see no other alternative at this point for producing anything like a consistent CCSDS informaiton architecture and service interface set.

Regards, Peter

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CESG Colleagues,
 Assuming that the RASIM green book is adopted, what happens after that?  There is no similar document addressing quite what this does for all of CCSDS.  I believe it would be good to have this further discussed as to application to current projects where appropriate.
 Best regards,

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Dear all,
There is a poll from the SEA IA WG on the Reference Architecture for Space Information Management (Green Book, Issue 1).
Last time that I saw a version of this book was 1 or 1.5 years ago.
There is no mention of this WG activity in the last 2 CESG reports to the CMC (Spring 2012 and Fall 2012)
It is also my fault for not having detected this in advanced, but I had only time the last weekend
I believe that MOISM WGs need to look at it.

Therefore I ask for an extension of 2 weeks, such that a thorough review is achievable
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