[CESG] RE: Draft 2.0, Fall 2012 CESG report to the CMC

Hooke, Adrian J (9000) adrian.j.hooke at jpl.nasa.gov
Wed Nov 14 12:22:01 EST 2012

Ø  The text explaining the silver book rationale will upset Project people
I would suggest to change it, making it more attractive to long running Projects that will never update their system to a new set of standards.
Nestor, so do you have any suggestions for changes to this? --
Silver Books: Historical - Obsolete
CCSDS Historical designation (Silver Books) is reserved for any approved CCSDS document that has been superseded by a more recent version or is for any other reason considered to be obsolete. More often than not, a CCSDS Historic document will be a CCSDS Recommended Standard that has come to the end of its useful operational life and no longer controls a committed deployment of international CCSDS-compatible mission support infrastructure.

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