[CESG] RE: Draft 2.0, Fall 2012 CESG report to the CMC

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Nestor: OK, I agree with that but it does mean that they will no longer be CCSDS Recommended Standards, since Silver books are on the non-Normative track.

Do you think that  the current website header adequately conveys this message:


Silver Books: Historical - Obsolete
CCSDS Historical designation (Silver Books) is reserved for any approved CCSDS document that has been superseded by a more recent version or is for any other reason considered to be obsolete. More often than not, a CCSDS Historic document will be a CCSDS Recommended Standard that has come to the end of its useful operational life and no longer controls a committed deployment of international CCSDS-compatible mission support infrastructure.

It concerns me a bit that when you click on one of the allegedly Silver links, the book comes up without any kind of a label that it is Silver: many still show up as a Blue Book, for instance. That seems dangerous, to me.


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>> Nestor: I interpreted your comment "This was to be their last planned re-affirmation" to mean that MOIMS no longer recommends them to new Projects. Is that true?

My view is to re-affirm them without reviewing (i.e. no new Projects) but adding to each book a disclaimer that they will be deprecated to Historical (Silver Book) status in five years.


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