[CESG] CESG - MOIMS Resolution Nr 1 after last Fall 2012 CCSDS meeting,

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Mon Nov 12 11:29:38 EST 2012

CESG Chair 

The following resolution has been approved by MOIMS AD. 



MOIMS-DAI WG-R-2012-02-0031, Resolution recommending the reaffirmation of 
the following CCSDS books

CCSDS 620.0-B-2: Standard Formatted Data Units­ Structure and Construction 
CCSDS 622.0-B-1: Standard Formatted Data Units­ Referencing Environment
CCSDS 630.0-B-1: Standard Formatted Data Units ­ Control Authority 
CCSDS 632.0-B-1: Standard Formatted Data Units ­ Control Authority Data 
CCSDS 641.0-B-2: Parameter Value Language Specification (CCSD0006 and 
CCSDS 643.0-B-1: ASCII Encoded English (CCSD0002) 
CCSDS 647.1-B-1:  Data Entity Dictionary Specification Language 
(DEDSL)­Abstract Syntax (CCSD0011) 
CCSDS 647.2-B-1:  Data Entity Dictionary Specification Language 
(DEDSL)­PVL Syntax (CCSD0012) 
CCSDS 647.3-B-1:  Data Entity Dictionary Specification Language (DEDSL)­ 
XML/DTD Syntax (CCSD0013 ) 

The MOIMS Area,

CONSIDERING the total lack of resources within NASA and ESA to evaluate 
the changes needed in these books (9)
CONSIDERING that several flying missions within different CCSDS Agencies 
(ESA, CNES, NASA) are using those standards as applicable documents in 
their Projects
CONSIDERING that those missions are totally against to place those 
standards as historical for the time being
CONSIDERING that those missions are close to its end (within the next 3-5 

and RECOGNIZING that this will be the last reaffirmation of those books in 
RECOGNIZING that this recommendation has been approved by the DAI WG Chair 
and has the full endorsement of the MOIMS AD

RECOMMENDS that the CCSDS Engineering Steering Group Chair initiates the 
required CESG poll for its approval 


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