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Kearney, Mike W. (MSFC-EO01) mike.kearney at nasa.gov
Fri Dec 14 06:51:46 EST 2012

I'm afraid I'm in the dark as to why this was requested, or by whom, also.  But to answer Nestor's questions...

In the past if anyone requests an extension, the Secretariat has extended it.  The rationale is that given the months-long process of getting approval, another week before publication will not really have an impact on the future users of the document.  Especially near holiday periods, we get requests for extensions, and nobody has ever complained.

Procedures have not required anyone to "authorize" an extension.  It is simply a coordination effort to achieve the best possible result.

The procedures don't address extensions of polls at all.  (at least none that I could find in my brief scan of the document).

If the CESG wants to put in procedural controls to limit extensions, that's OK.  Just propose some text to for the procedures manual.

   -=- Mike

Mike Kearney
Lead Technology Manager
Mission Operations Laboratory

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Dear all

I do not have any problem with the proposed CESG poll extensions, but I believe that we have a governance issue.

Who decides to grant an extension ? Did anybody at CESG authorise the extension ?
Were the ADs involved (SLS and MOIS) ask about it?

Why is the CESG not copied on this request ?

Is the extension request methodology  described in the Procedures Manual ?

We need to clarify this


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