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Tue May 5 23:43:53 UTC 2020

---- May 2020 ----

Greetings all!  It’s been a heck of a month after our Q1 2020 meeting (we can’t properly call it the Reston meeting, can we?), and we’ve got updates for you.  I hope this finds everyone doing as well as they can be.

First off, we are again going purely virtual for Q2, to make it our second ever online meeting.  We are not meeting in person in Orlando, but we are keeping our June 22-26 dates, so PLEASE save and protect those dates in your calendar.  Contact your chairs for details, we’ll be working with them to keep things moving smoothly.  The Q1 Meeting was a radical change for us, but our chairs (and members!) rose to the occasion and in partnership with our OMG staff made it yet another success, on extremely short notice.

Also in exciting news, for the Q2 2020 meeting we are waiving the registration fee entirely!  Member representatives may attend this special meeting at no charge, so don’t miss this one-time chance to get your co-workers involved to see what the OMG is all about. Point your colleagues at https://www.omg.org/login/request/OMG to get their OMG User ID, and then they can register more easily at https://www.omg.org/events/2020Q2/registration.htm 

You may notice that I’ve started using the terminology of Q1 2020 and Q2 2020 to refer to what we normally would have called “Reston” and “Orlando”.  We’ve come to realize that this state of affairs we find ourselves in may linger longer than any of us would like, and we need to adjust.  If you inspect the URLs we’re using on the OMG website to host event pages such as the one above, events will no longer be referred to by the hosting state (or country) and two digit year (fl-20), but instead by a four digit year, a Q, and a numeral 1-4 (2020Q2).  We will adopt this moving forward, so there’s never guesswork, even after we resume physical meetings.


Next up, developments from the Q1 meeting.  The Board of Directors approved several motions of note, including:

...the following specifications entering into Finalization:

	Metamodel Extension Facility (MEF)
	IDL to C# Language Mapping
	Simple Electronic Notation for Sensor Reporting (SENSR)
	Command and Control Ingterface for Navigation (C2INav)

...the following specification leaving finalization for publication as an adopted 1.0:

	MOF2RDF Mapping 1.0

...and new versions of existing specifications:

	CORBA 3.4
	OARIS 1.1
	ALMAS 1.1
	DMN 1.3

Congratulations to every member who contributed to the specifications making it to these milestones!

The Board also affirmed a new Code of Conduct that applies to all OMG supported efforts.  Public declaration of a code of conduct is now accepted best practice for conferences, and OMG remains dedicated to staying up to date within our industries.  You can find the Code and supporting materials at https://www.omg.org/codeofconduct <https://www.omg.org/codeofconduct>, and we welcome you to read through them and provide feedback to improve our communities.


Looking forward to our Q2 2020 Meeting in June, we have the following deadlines ahead of us:

May 18:
	Unified POS v2 <https://www.omg.org/techprocess/meetings/schedule/UnifiedPOS_V2_Model__And_POS_Printer_API_RFP.html> (Initial Submission)
        Unified POS Fiscal API v2 <https://www.omg.org/techprocess/meetings/schedule/UnifiedPOS_Fiscal_API_2.0_RFP.html> (Initial Submission)

May 25:		(Four week deadline for Q2 2020 Meeting)
	Cyber Insurance RFI <https://www.omg.org/techprocess/meetings/schedule/Cyber_Insurance_RFI.html> (Responses)
	Product Knowledge Framework RFI <https://www.omg.org/techprocess/meetings/schedule/PKF_RFI.html> (Responses)
	DDS C# API <https://www.omg.org/techprocess/meetings/schedule/DDS_C_Sharp.html> (Initial Submission)
        REST for CORBA <https://www.omg.org/techprocess/meetings/schedule/UnifiedPOS_V2_Model__And_POS_Printer_API_RFP.html> (Initial Submission)

June 15:
	DDS C# API RFP (Voting List Deadline)
	Robotic Service Ontology RFP (Voting List Deadline)
	REST for CORBA (CORBA-REST) RFP (Voting List Deadline)

June 22-26:    Q2 2020 Meeting <https://www.omg.org/events/2020Q2/>

It looks to be a busy meeting, and if you have any interest in the above contributions, I urge you to dive in and explore.

Once again, I’d like to thank every OMG member, chair and staff who made our Q1 2020 Meeting a success, and we look forward to hosting you in June for Q2, in September for Q3, and in the months to come no matter where we all may be.

Stay safe, and stay healthy out there.

Jason McC. Smith, Ph.D.
VP / Technical Director
Object Management Group
jason at omg.org

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