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Juergen Boldt juergen at omg.org
Mon Feb 3 20:16:54 UTC 2020

Dear space at omg.org subscribers,

Over the years, many OMG mailing lists have been made open, available 
for subscription by non-members, in order to spur innovation and 
collaboration.  While this has been very successful to drive 
discussion on potential standards development and engage a broader 
community, it presents some risk and the need for a measured 
response.  We are appreciative of the conversations that happen on 
the mailing lists but only OMG members are governed by the IP 
agreements companies sign when they become members.  Open lists 
increase the risk of IP that has not been granted to OMG making its 
way into an OMG specification.  We've spoken with many members on the 
pros and cons of open mailing lists and OMG management has decided that:
    * New mailing lists, for task forces, special interest groups, 
and working groups may be requested by the chairs to be open for one 
year, or until the presiding group issues an RFx, whichever is sooner.
    * Old mailing lists that are open may remain open for one year 
from today, or for three months if there is an open RFx or submission 
in process.
    * As always, RTF and FTF mailing lists are closed.

As there currently is a RFP in process the space at omg.org mailing list 
will be set to "Members-only" 3 months from today, on April 3, 2020

Best regards,


Juergen Boldt
Vice President, Member Services
Object Management Group
109 Highland Ave
Needham, MA 02494 USA

Tel:  +1 (781) 444 0404 x 132
fax:  +1 (781) 444 0320



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