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The following draft CCSDS Recommended Standard has been placed on 
line and is available for CCSDS-ISO TC 20/SC 13 Liaison review:

       CCSDS 734.3-R-1.  Schedule-Aware Bundle Routing.  Red Book.
                         Issue 1.  July 2018.

DOCUMENT DESCRIPTION:  This draft Recommended Standard specifies 
Schedule-Aware Bundle Routing (SABR) for the forwarding of 
Delay-Tolerant Networking (DTN) bundles in the space 
environment.  SABR provides dynamic route computation in an 
environment of stable topology but time-varying connectivity when 
instances of connectivity are scheduled rather than opportunistic.

The due date for receipt of review comments by the Secretariat is 28 
September 2018.  CCSDS-ISO TC 20/SC 13 Liaisons may submit review 
comments directly to the CCSDS Secretariat.  More information is 
available at the Web site identified below.

The review document, in Portable Document Format (PDF), and 
associated review materials are available for downloading at the 
following location:


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