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Thu May 24 16:59:12 UTC 2018

Mario - 


            I have and read your email.  As your liaison to OMG, I will pass
onto the OMG Space DTF your and the ccsds members who raised concerns to the
member led Space Domain Task Force (DTF).  I note that you have cc'd our
liaison committee, the NASA POC and our Architecture Board Chairman.  I'm
sure the Space DTF will address this at the June Quarterly meeting.  Will
you be joining us?


            Thanks for the heads up.  



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Subject: CCSDS-OMG Liaison: Satellite Command & Control Message
Specification (C2MS)


Dear Steve, 

in the context of the CCSDS-OMG liaison I would like to inform you that
during the last CCSDS Technical Meetings in Gaithersburg (09-13 April 2018)
reservations had been raised on the proposed OMG standard (RFC): 

Satellite Command & Control Message Specification (C2MS). 

In particular, three space agencies via their members in the CCSDS
Spacecraft & Control Working Group have identified notable overlaps between
the above perspective document and the on-going work of the working group on
Mission Operations (MO) Services. These Space Agencies (CNES - French Space
Agency, DLR - German Space Agency, and ESA - European Space Agency) are
producing a Technical Note to substantiate the overlap, which will be
available in the second half of June. 

Clearly, in the spirit of the liaison, both CCSDS and OMG should strive to
avoid overlaps and duplications, in favour of reciprocally adopting relevant
standards, as already done for instance by the CCSDS with the adoption of
the OMG XTCE standard. 


Mario Merri 
CCSDS liaison to OMG 

ESA - European Space Agency 
Dr. Mario MERRI 
Head of Mission Data Systems Division (OPS-GD) 
Directorate of Operations 
European Space Operations Centre - ESOC 
Robert-Bosch-Str. 5, D-64293 Darmstadt, Germany 
Tel +49 (6151) 90 2292 | Mario.Merri at esa.int  |  www.esa.int/esoc 

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