[Ccsds-omg-liaison] AB Preliminary Review, Mission Control Message Specification (MCMS) RFC

Elisa Kendall ekendall at thematix.com
Tue Mar 6 17:48:00 UTC 2018

Hi Dan and all,

I've just started looking at the MCMS RFC, and have a few show stoppers 
that need to be addressed ASAP.

Document check:

MCMS Specification Document (RFC, normative) - space/18-02-01
Inventory (ancillary) - space/18-02-06
XMI (normative) - space/18-02-03
C2MS zip file (XML schemas, normative) - space/18-02-05
Cover letter (ancillary) - space/18-02-02
C2MS MagicDraw archive (ancillary) - space/18-02-04

1. Inventory - this is typically the first thing I review, to see 
"what's what", and to make sure that I have a complete set of documents 
and model files.  You've made some assumptions that this should be 
called version 1.0, for example in the name of the RFC, and in the 
various URIs, that need to be changed.

(a) Name of RFC should be Mission Control Message Specification (MCMS) 
/Request for Comments (RFC)/

(b) Primary Specification URL should be 

(c) The URIs for your machine consumable files need to follow the SMSC 
guidelines, and use a version IRI rather than /RFC/ (currently /1.0/), 
per the instructions in the inventory template and spelled out in 
http://doc.omg.org/smsc/15-03-06.  This is clearly described on our 
process templates page as well, which is available at 
https://www.omg.org/technology/template_download.htm.  I'm guessing what 
you need will be something like 
https://www.omg.org/spec/MCMS/20180201/<xxx>, where xxx is the file 
name, including extension.

2. The RFC, as you note in your cover letter, is still in the form of a 
NASA document, not in OMG's RFC format.  Although permission to publish 
this document is provided in a separate letter (that I had to ask 
Juergen for), and although it's ok at the moment that this is not an OMG 
document according to the P&P, there is information missing as a result 
of not using the template (which is available at 
http://doc.omg.org/submission-template).  In addition to what is 
included in the template, we ask RFC submitters to include additional 
information in a section "0", which describes the 
background,justification for an RFC vs. RFP, examples of commercial 
implementations, etc.  This section "0" information is not part of the 
final specification but provides the OMG Architecture Board some support 
for why something should follow the RFC process, and the OMG Business 
Committee with support that indicates the specification is commercially 
viable and useful.  While I think you likely meet these requirements, 
the document on its own does not.  For information on what should be 
included, please take a look at the Policies and Procedures document, 
which is available at https://www.omg.org/cgi-bin/doc?pp/17-06-01.pdf, 
section 4.  The bullets under "1." in section 4.3 include the detail 
needed in section "0" of the document.  If you would rather not update 
the document at this time as an OMG specification, which I understand 
given how detailed it is and how large, etc., especially with respect to 
the content typically included in section "0", then please submit a 
separate document that addresses the requirements specified in section 
4.3 under that bullet "1.", some details of which, such as IPR mode, 
will be applied to the task force that finalizes the document.

3. I can't open C2MS zip file (XML schemas, normative) - space/18-02-05 
- the archive is corrupted.  Juergen had the same issue with it that I 
did, fyi.  Please resubmit this as soon as possible.

I'm sure I'll have more feedback for you as I review the actual 
specification content, but I didn't want to let any time pass without 
identifying these things, which hopefully you can deal with quickly, 
namely, a new inventory, a document addressing the requirements for an 
RFC as discussed in 2, above, and a revised zip archive for the relevant 
XML schemas.

Thanks and best regards,


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