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Sun Oct 29 21:44:53 UTC 2017

This is a general reminder of this year's Architecture Board election to be
held at our December TC meeting in Burlingame. The nomination deadline is 09
Nov 2017 - 2100 GMT (4pm EST, 1pm PST). 

This is also a PARTICULAR REMINDER TO NOMINEEs. We have received only two
employer sponsorship letters to date!! (The DEADLINE is not far away.)

The written sponsorship of the candidate's employer MUST ARRIVE AT OMG BY

A template for the employer sponsorship letter can be found at: 

The annual OMG Architecture Board election for five seats (two elected by
the PTC, three by the DTC) will take place during the Burlingame TC meeting
in December 2017. 

Here's the election timetable:

.        Tue  24 Sep 2017   This announcement; nominations open  

.        Mon 25 Sep 2017   New Orleans TC meeting week begins  

.        Thu 09 Nov 2017   Nominations close 2100 GMT (4pm EST, 1pm PST)  

.        Thu 16 Nov 2017   Announcement of candidate list - fax voting

.        Mon  4 Dec 2017   Burlingame meeting begins; votes may be cast in

.        Thu 7 Dec 2017   Voting closes 2100 GMT (5pm PST) 

.        Voting in person closes when AB meeting adjourns 

.        Count taken and result announced during the evening

The seven successful candidates will take their seats immediately after the
December 2017 meeting ends. The seats up for election are those currently
held by:

.        Platform TC Seats

o   Jason Smith, TSRI

o   Richard Beatch, Bloomberg

.        Domain TC Seats

o   Hugues Vincent , Thales

o   Elisa Kendall, Thematix Partners

o   J D Baker, Sparx Systems

There will be two polls conducted in parallel - one by the PTC, one by the
DTC. The requirements for nomination are set out in section 3.1.3 of the
current Policies and Procedures (pp/17-06-01); this section is appended
below. It permits an individual affiliated with a Contributing, Domain or
Platform Member to stand. The ten nominating signatures for the PTC-elected
seats may come from representatives of either Contributing or Platform
Members, and for the DTC-elected seats, from representatives of either
Contributing or Domain Members.

Nomination signatures may be collected in person (this meeting in New
Orleans may be a good opportunity to do this. Copies of the form are
available here:


Alternatively, nomination signatures may be sent to the Returning Officer at
OMG HQ, either on paper or by fax:

The OMG Address & Fax Number can be found at: http://www.omg.org/contact.htm

There is no bar to one representative nominating more than one candidate. If
the candidate is standing in both polls the nomination should indicate
whether it is for the DTC or PTC seat, or both.  The written sponsorship of
the candidate's employer must also arrive at OMG by the nomination deadline.

A template for the employer sponsorship letter can be found at: 

The candidate list will be announced by email on Thu 17 Nov 2017. If there
are more candidates than seats, voting by fax or paper mail will commence
that day and end 16 days later. Votes may also be cast in person during the
week of the Burlingame TC meeting. The polls close on the Thursday evening
of that meeting, after which votes will be counted, using the Single
Transferable Vote procedure outlined in document pp/96-04-03. Candidates
will have the opportunity to use Web page space provided by OMG to outline
their positions.

Please contact me if you have any questions.

Regards, Larry

Larry L. Johnson

Vice President and Technical Director

Object Management Group


larry at omg.org 


2023 Cleveland St

Clearwater, FL  33765

US: (888)-502-9847

Intl/US: +1 (202) 449-5637

Cell: (727) 776-0341


3.1.3   Composition of the Architecture Board

The Architecture Board comprises the Architecture Board Chair and ten
members, each of whom is affiliated with an OMG Contributing, Domain or
Platform Member. Five members are elected by the Platform Technology
Committee, five by the Domain Technology Committee. Each of these ten seats
comes due for re-election by the appropriate TC at 24 month intervals. AB
members may not simultaneously chair any OMG Subgroup except an Architecture
Board Subgroup, a Revision Task Force or a Finalisation Task Force.

[AB members are expected to participate in many of the parallel Subgroup
meetings during an OMG Technical Meeting week, so it would not in general be
feasible for them also to run Subgroups. However, RTFs & FTFs typically meet
briefly, if at all, during technical meeting weeks, so there is little
possibility of scheduling clashes, whilst preventing AB members running the
Subgroups they themselves charter would be rather contradictory.]

AB seats are assigned to an individual, but only for as long as he or she
remains affiliated with the same OMG Member; there may be no more than one
AB member from any particular organisation. An AB member may relinquish that
membership voluntarily, or automatically by non-attendance at two out of any
three successive AB meetings; sending a proxy or substitute does not
constitute attendance for this purpose. Upon loss to the AB of a member for
any reason, a replacement must be chosen by election at the earliest
reasonable opportunity.

[The non-attendance rule is to ensure continuing participation by AB members
- with only 10 elected members of the AB, any non-participation by an AB
member seriously compromises the group's capabilities.]

Election for Domain and Platform seats on the AB is by Single Transferable
Vote of OMG Members eligible to vote in the appropriate Technology
Committee. An election is initiated by the DTC or PTC Chair when one or more
of the corresponding AB seats becomes vacant. Where an election for a seat
takes place before the expiry of a 24 month term, the newly-elected AB
member occupies that seat for at most the balance of that original term.
Should a single election for several seats of different remaining terms take
place in one TC, the STV vote transferring process will be used to fill the
seats in order, longest term first.

[This "by-election" rule is to ensure that, as far as is possible, AB
elections remain grouped together at one point in the year, so as not to
distract attention from the AB's technical role.]

Nomination requires the signatures of 10 of the Voting Representatives of
the appropriate TC and the written sponsorship of the Member to which
nominee is affiliated, including a commitment of 25% of his or her working
time to AB activities. The closing date for nominations for AB candidates
shall be announced to the OMG membership at least thirty days beforehand by
email. If, at the closing date, there are no more candidates than seats
available, all the candidates are deemed elected unopposed, and no election
is held. If there are both full- and partial-term seats in an unopposed
election, but more candidates than full-term seats, lots will be drawn to
determine which candidates are assigned the full-term seats.

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