[Ccsds-omg-liaison] Space DTF agenda for December Burlingame meeting

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Tue Nov 21 20:44:30 UTC 2017

Greetings, Space fans!


I have attached Version 1.0 of the Space Domain Task Force agenda for the meeting in December at Burlingame (San Francisco).  We will meet on Wednesday and Thursday of the OMG meeting week December 4-8, 2017.  


Attendance at the Space DTF plenary sessions has more than doubled over the past 18 months. The USAF Space & Missiles Systems Center and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration have both joined as OMG members since the September 2017 meeting.  They are seeking to better utilize OMG specifications in their organizational mission and influence the direction of future industry standards.  NASA has increased its OMG membership level to Domain and increased their commitment to promoting space industry specifications.  


The Space DTF is preparing for a productive 2018 as we publish long-awaited revisions (XTCE 1.2) as well as some vital new space industry specifications.   Here is an overview of our current planned publications for 2018:


Work in Progress:

*         XTCE 1.2 Revision Task Force Report 

Deadline March 30, 2018  http://www.omgwiki.org/space/doku.php?id=xtce <http://www.omgwiki.org/space/doku.php?id=xtce>  

This specification is an information model for spacecraft telemetry and commanding data. For a given mission there are a number of lifecycle phases that are supported by a variety of systems and organizations. Additionally, many of these organizations support multiple heterogeneous missions using a common ground segment infrastructure. Telemetry and command definitions must be exchanged among all of these phases, systems, and organizations. This is made difficult and costly because there is no standard method for exchanging this information. The lack of standardization currently requires custom ingestion of the telemetry and commanding information. This customization is inherently error-prone, resulting in the need to revalidate at each step in the lifecycle.


*         Command & Control Message Specification (C2MS)

Goddard Mission Services Evolution Center (GMSEC) has produced a middleware API, message definitions, and message exchange patterns for ground system interoperability that are in use in many ground systems. GMSEC has drafted a model-based satellite command & control message specification (C2MS) that will be submitted to OMG as an RFC at a future meeting. This model specification is intended to support new platform-specific implementations of the messages and exchange patterns, including the US Air Force Enterprise Ground Services (EGS) initiative.


*         CubeSat Reference Model

With the assistance of the International Council on Systems Engineering, the Space DTF is drafting an RFP for a CubeSat Reference Model (CRM) based on SysML, that can be used to guide CubeSat mission developers from concept to launch.   Based on the SysML prototype that INCOSE has developed and provided to multiple university CubeSat programs, a standard model could jump-start the engineering for university, non-profit, and commercial organizations initiating new satellite mission systems.


I also encourage your participation with other groups and activities within the OMG.  Besides publishing the modeling specifications (UML/SysML) that facilitate software engineering in space and many other industries, there are special events and tutorials that your organization can benefit from.  For example, this is a recent RFI from the Middleware & Related Specifications Task Force (MARS) that is relevant to space systems:


Open RFI:  Secure Network Communications (SNC) http://www.omg.org/cgi-bin/doc.cgi?mars/2017-9-29 <http://www.omg.org/cgi-bin/doc.cgi?mars/2017-9-29>   
Share your input.  RFI responses are being accepted until February 16, 2018.

Our goal is to integrate communication software frameworks and technologies with automatic embedded software generation, security/prototyping environments and standard HPEC toolboxes/libraries through modernized standards. We are using this RFI to gauge interest in the SNC WG writing these standards by identifying stakeholders, along with their specific interests and needs. We want to incorporate new technology and modeling techniques. 



*         Attend: OMGs Technical Meeting, December 4-8, 2018 in Burlingame, CA, USA <http://www.omg.org/events/ca-17/index.htm> .  Space DTF meets Wednesday and Thursday.

*         Save the Date: March 19-23, 2018, for the Space DTF Meetings at the OMG Technical Meeting in Reston, VA, USA <http://www.omg.org/events/va-18/index.htm> .


Thanks for reading. I'm interested in your organization's input, and hope to see you in Burlingame,


Brad Kizzort, co-chair Space DTF


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