[Ccsds-omg-liaison] OPEN LOI and voting lists

Juergen Boldt juergen at omg.org
Wed Jul 26 18:50:01 UTC 2017

Dear OMG members,

please see below current LOI and voting list deadlines. All OMG 
members (Trial and Analyst members excluded) are entitled to vote on 
RFPs in ALL OMG Task Forces.
Anybody, members and non-members alike, can submit a Letter of Intent 
to any current  RFP, but MUST upgrade to an appropriate membership 
level (Domain, Platform, or Contributing) by the initial submission deadline

Please contact me if you want your company/organization added to any 
open voting list. Remember, that 99% of RFP-related votes take place 
at the TC meetings.

Retail DTF members are also welcome to get onto any of the open OMG 
voting lists

Best regards,


August 14, 2017
and Reliability for UML RFP (Voting List Deadline)

November 11, 2017
Architecture Core Metamodel (BACM) RFP (LOI Deadline)

November 27, 2017
Architecture Core Metamodel (BACM) RFP (Voting List Deadline)

January 31, 2018
Version 2 RFP (LOI Deadline)

May 31, 2018
Version 2 RFP (Voting List Deadline)

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