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Fri Mar 18 18:16:25 UTC 2016

The OMG SpaceDTF met in Reston, Virginia March 16th & 17th.  Here are the meeting highlights:


XTCE 1.2 proceeds towards adoption/publication.  The remaining issues (about 75) which have been agreed to and resolved must be polled and voted upon.  This will occur in the next few weeks.  A few minor issues have been raised by early users of XTCE 1.2, and those items will be submitted into the OMG database and resolved or deferred before publication.

----  The remaining submission paperwork is being readied to submit to the OMG Architecture Board.  The AB reviews revision reports during the four weeks before each quarterly OMG Meeting and votes on adoption at the meeting.  There are a few additional steps to adoption and publication after the meeting, but this is the major technical hurdle.  The 2016 OMG meetings are in March (Reston),  June (Orlando), September (Chicago), and  December (Coronado, CA).  We should be able to get the revision report submitted prior to the June or the September meeting if no other issues arise.

2) Space Information Day

The SDTF is planning an OMG Space Information Day with a focus on XTCE vendors and open source tools for the OMG Meeting Dec 2016 in Coronado, CA.  A list of known XTCE users and contributors was discussed at the meeting,  we plan on developing this list further and reaching out to them for participation interest, including the following:  Ball Cosmos, Hawaii Cosmos, Hummingbird, Boeing (Iridium NEXT), Kratos, Harris, LM, Braxton, NASA GSFC, NASA JSC , NASA JPL, Northrop Grumman.

3) Charter RTF for GEMS 1.5

No issues are currently filed against 1.4, but there was discussion of a standard "device" definition for asynchronous status subscription, and a JSON PSM for GEMS.

4) Enterprise Ground Services (EGS

The USAF has tasked Mitre with writing specifications for its Enterprise Ground Services architecture for future USAF ground systems.  USAF/SMC/AD desires inputs from industry and partners through a wiki to be launched in the near future.  The OMG is actively pursuing a role in the specification process, as it did with the DoD Software Defined Radio specifications and procurements.

5) RFPs

The following RFPs are being developed for future publication.  This list is in the current task force priority.  There are many existing recommendations/specifications/standards related to the proposed RFPs, for example, SLE, PAIS, GMSEC, and DDS,  but there is interest by the SDTF industry participants in a focused specification for interoperability of products and information exchange.  Compatibility with existing standards will be addressed in the RFP, and are usually described in the RFP as a platform-specific model (PSM) requirement.

a) Ground Data Delivery Interface (interface model for a Front-End Processor  including encryption, providing/sending packets/frames).  Scope identified in RFP template and a requirements brainstorming session was held.  Draft RFP developed and  publication planned for next SDTF meeting.

b) Satellite Operations Data Archive (interface model for satellite housekeeping telemetry and operations data archive)

c) Display Page Information Exchange (Describe grouping and formatting of telemetry items for telemetry pages)

d) Engineering Level Interface Specification (interface model for providing real-time telemetry and accepting command requests from ground system applications)

e) Alarm and Event interface

f) Glossary of Ground System Terms (definition of terms for SDTF specifications and relationship to terms used in other space communities)

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