[Ccsds-omg-liaison] OMG SDTF Meeting Summary

Rob Andzik andzik at amergint.com
Thu Oct 10 10:20:01 EDT 2013


Here is a quick update on the OMG Space Domain Task Force meetings this

*Ground Equipment Monitoring Service (GEMS)*

GEMS 1.3 has been approved by the OMG Architecture Board. This revision

   1. Lightweight Authentication
   2. Increased GEMS-ASCII message length
   3. General specification cleanup and other minor fixes

We spent some time discussing future updates and potential new requirements
for GEMS. As part of this we started to discuss GEMS 2.0.  Ideas we are
considering for GEMS 2.0 include: adding definitions for typical network
data formats (e.g. telemetry, command data, and other data streams), adding
messages for asynchronous status updates and/or log messages, and defining
standard GEMS-related targets that allow GEMS users to obtain information
about the system.

We are interested in hearing any other suggestions you might have.

*XML Telemetry and Command Exchange (XTCE)*

We continue to work through the issues in preparation for XTCE 1.2. To
date, three polls have been conducted covering 75 issues. In this meeting
we reviewed the remaining ~80 issues and determined our likely disposition.
In some cases, issues have been deferred to XTCE 2.0.

*Satellite Operations Language Meta-Model (SOLM)*

SOLM has completed finalization and is now working through the process
toward publication. Once published, we will charter a Revision Task Force

*XTCE US Government Satellite Conformance Profile*

Charted the Finalization Task Force. The finalization effort will go for
one year.

*New Business

   - Discussed the potential for GEMS 2.0, to include streaming data paths
   - Continued discussions regarding a GUI exchange standard

Our next meeting will be at the OMG Technical Meeting in Santa Clara, CA on
December 11th and 12th.

-- Rob

Rob Andzik
AMERGINT Technologies
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