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This is the first time I have shepherded a spec through the RFC process at OMG, which is supposed to be faster than the standard RFP/submit/review process that takes 24+ months. I am just guessing at a timeline, but here is the "no major bumps in the road" schedule:

12/10/2012-12/14/2012 - SDTF, AB, and DTC votes for approval at December 2012 OMG meeting, RFC is issued
12/14/2012-2/18/2013 - Comment period
3/18/2013-3/22/2012 - SDTF, AB vote to recommend adoption, DTC voting period opens at March 2013 OMG meeting
6/17/2013-6/21/2013 -  OMG BC votes to adopt at June 2013 OMG meeting after DTC fax/email vote is completed
6/21/2013-12/10/2013 - Finalization of spec, publicly available

Since this is a tailoring of the XTCE spec aimed at US gov't missions only, I don't believe it is planned for review by CCSDS, however, I have heard that ESA or CCSDS is considering publishing a similar recommendation for an XTCE subset.

The comments period is open to all, no OMG membership is required to submit comments once the RFC is issued.


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Exceptional news on moving ahead on this.

While I have included XTCE as recommended specification in our corporate standards baseline;  the tailored Govsat spec will be more useful in reducing implementation scope.

I intend to provide the Govsat spec for internal formal coordination - soliciting review and comment; providing input back to OMG/SDTF.   What is the schedule / timeline for formal review and acceptance by OMG? CCSDS?



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Subject: Proposed Govsat guidelines for XTCE

The proposed Govsat tailoring specification for XTCE 1.1 has been posted to the OMG server as documents space/2012-08-01 and space/2012/08-02.  It is being proposed as an XTCE-related specification to reduce the implementation scope required of ground systems for US government space missions using XTCE to define CCSDS packetized command and telemetry. This will be one of the topics for the Jacksonville OMG meeting in September.  The SDTF will meet on Wednesday (9/12 full-day) and Thursday (9/13 morning only) during the OMG meeting week of Sept 10-14.

Brad Kizzort, SDTF co-chair

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