[Ccsds-omg-liaison] Plans for Costa Rica and San Antonio

Kizzort, Brad bkizzort at harris.com
Fri Jun 12 17:22:17 EDT 2009

Space DTF participants and interested parties,

Funding problems & time conflicts are preventing both co-chairs from
participating in the upcoming Costa Rica meeting.  It should be a
beautiful venue and there are many OMG working groups that are meeting,
so I would encourage you to attend.

The SDTF has plenty of work on our plate that needs attention and we
would like to tackle it in time for the San Antonio OMG meeting.  
1. The SOLM submission is in and needs to be reviewed to see if
everything is there to either hold a vote-to-vote in San Antonio or
extend the schedule and send it back for more revisions.  
2. The XTCE 1.2 Revision Task Force needs to get their issue
dispositions circulated.  
3. GEMS is now an available specification that we need to find ways to
4. We need to get an RFP ready for the AB in San Antonio.
5. We need to publish an agenda for San Antonio.
6. We would like to plan for a Space Information Day at the Long Beach

To that end, we are planning a working group in Colorado Springs, CO
before August 14th in order to complete some things before the 4 week
deadline for San Antonio.  The date has not been set, yet, but the most
likely candidates are one of the weeks of July 6th or July 13th.  If you
have an interest in participating in these working sessions and would
prefer one date over the other, please let the space chairs know:
mailto:space-chair at omg.org  rather than replying to this email.  

BTW, we had 30 participants in the XTCE tutorial at GSAW and some very
positive sessions with US government representatives interested in
applying XTCE to their future space systems.

Thanks for your interest and participation in the Space Domain Task

Brad Kizzort

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