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Thanks for getting back with us. At this time I do not expect we will be registering any formal votes, but if we do we will follow your guidelines for Objective Interface. Our goal is to make this a working meeting so that we are prepared to conduct a number of votes during the September meeting.

Best Regads,

-- Rob

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Rob et al,

I will not be able to attend this, even virtually. Will you be registering any formal votes as the results of this? If so, will you please enter an Abstain on Objective Interface's behalf. Hopefully, I will have an opportunity to register a more considered vote later.


Victor Giddings  Objective Interface Systems
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On Jul 8, 2009, at 5:36 PM, Andzik, Rob wrote:

Dear SDTF and GEMS RTF Members,

 I have heard from several of you and I think we will have quite a productive meeting. Our plan is to meet at the ISI facility in El Segundo from 9 AM to 2 PM. If you have not already responded, but are interested in attending, please let me know and I will forward directions. We will also have a dial-in number available.

 Best Regards,

 -- Rob

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 Subject: Upcoming SDTF / GEMS RTF Meeting

 Dear SDTF and GEMS RTF Members,

 As you are likely aware, we were unable to hold a SDTF meeting in Costa Rica due to travel constraints. We have, however, several ongoing activities that we want to address prior to the September OMG meeting in San Antonio. As it turns out, both Brad and I will be in LA next week for a non-OMG meeting. We want to take advantage of this, and hold an out-of-cycle SDTF meeting on July 16th. I apologize for the late notice, and I hope that some of you in the LA area can join us. We can also make arrangements for dial-in numbers if you are unable to travel.

 Here is the agenda for our meeting:


 *   Current Status
 *   Timeline for release
 *   General discussions as needed

 New Business

 *   Discuss how the SDTF can support the standardization efforts of NASA, Air Force and other Agencies
 *   Potential RFPs to be introduced in September

 As Brad and I are also both on the GEMS RTF, we will review the current GEMS issues and upcoming release plans.

 Please let us know if you are interested in attending in person or via dial-in. We have a couple of meeting locations in the LAX / El Segundo area in mind, and the decision will be made based on the likely number of attendees.

 Best Regards

 -- Rob

 Rob Andzik
 Business Area Manager
 Digital Processing & Networking
 Real Time Logic Inc.
 (719) 598-2801


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