[Ccsds-omg-liaison] AB primary report on the Report of the GEMS Revision Task Force 1.1

hugues.vincent hugues.vincent at thalesgroup.com
Tue Dec 1 09:48:12 EST 2009

Dear all,

Here are my first comments as AB reviewer of the Report of the GEMS Revision Task Force 1.1  (dtc/09-10-01 to 06).

I didn't check the xmi.

- the "Primary specification" has to be the outcome specification of this RTF (1.1) rather than the  original spec (1.0). The 1.1 spec w/o change bars has so to be removed from the "additional documents"

- front page: specify which accompanying document are normative or not (see the last template for RTF  reports: http://www.omg.org/cgi-bin/doc?rtf_report_template)
- Issue 12755: the report says "add the following paragraph to the end of section 6.2.12" when the  paragraph has been added to the end of section 6.2.11.I don't know which one is good. If the RTF had  voted on the wrong version, you'd have to organize a new poll for this issue.
- Issue 13132: The title of this issue has to be stated as "Duplicate/merged". Remove the "Resolution"  part. The disposition (last line) of this issue needs next to say "Disposition: <tab>See issue 14112  for disposition". Subsequently, regenerate the table of content of the document.

Spec W/o changes bars:
- For the recording (and the future RTFs), the w/o change bars document should have "issue tags" ie,  for each modification, a statement reminding the issue number and title which caused the modification.  For this time, I don't ask you to change your document because there's not a lot of issues and  crossreferencing is easy, yet, for future RTFs, please keep it in mind.

These comments don't preclude any further comments from me or other AB members.

Best regards,
OMG Architecture Board Member
hugues_vincent (at) omg.org

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