[Ccsds-omg-liaison] Ottawa OMG Technical Meeting

Kizzort, Brad bkizzort at harris.com
Thu May 22 09:27:23 EDT 2008

Space fans,

I have polled the regular attendees of the SDTF, and whether it is 
due to summer
vacations or business urgencies, it will be difficult to gather a quorum in
Ottawa.  For that reason, we (the co-chairs) are not going to schedule an SDTF
meeting that week.

I will be attending Ottawa, as there are some very interesting things going on,
like the Eclipse Foundation meeting and the possibility of joint RFP's with the
C3I DTF.  Also, Ottawa is a wonderful city in the summertime. I have spent many
summer and winter days there and am looking forward to visiting again.  But if
you are saving your travel dollars for the September meeting in Orlando, please
put it on your calendar, because we have business to conduct:

   1. The SOLM revised submission should be in, reviewed, and ready 
to take forward
   2. The GEMS FTF is hard at work and may have a report ready
   3. The XTCE 1.2 RTF is hard at work and may have a report ready
   4. There are current activities in the US Air Force and NRO communities
      with respect to SOA and Space Command and Control that could result
      in an RFP from SDTF.  We need to invite some of the people involved and
      get to work on it!  If you happen to be one of those people, please
      contact us at:
         space-chair at omg.org

If you want to shape the outcome of the XTCE 1.2 RTF or GEMS FTF, you can also
contact us so that I can get you on the appropriate task force at the Ottawa
Domain plenary.

Brad Kizzort, co-chair of the Space DTF

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