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Adrian J. Hooke adrian.j.hooke at jpl.nasa.gov
Mon May 7 18:09:49 EDT 2007

>Subject: An invitation to International Workshop on Knowledge Management 
>for Space Missions
>Date: Mon, 7 May 2007 17:26:31 -0400
>From: "Williamson, Joe" <joseph.williamson at eds.com>
>To: <space at omg.org>
>Aerospace companies and government space agencies are working on a wide 
>variety of methods to capture, store, organize, and distribute key 
>knowledge from space experts and missions to explore space and the Earth 
>around us. These successful methods often involve a set of policies, 
>processes, people, and technologies in order to accomplish the goals of 
>the organization. This conference looks to bring together that distributed 
>group and provide a forum for shared understanding and conversations in 
>how organizations are successfully managing knowledge for space missions 
>and how we can, as a global community, do so in the future.   I've been 
>asked to chair the Legal and Competitive Issues for International Missions 
>Track at the  NASA International Knowledge Management Conference July 2007 
>California Institute of Technology, Jet Propulsion Laboratory Pasadena, CA 
>July 17-19, 2007 
>Legal and Competitive Issues for International Missions Track
>·       Traceability for intellectual property to promote innovation
>1       Aspects for international collaboration
>    * Working securely across international boundaries
>I seeking papers to be presented for the International Missions Track
>Thanks in advance,
>Dr. Joseph (Joe) Williamson/EDS Fellow Mail Stop A3S-A53 13000 EDS Drive 
>Herndon, Virginia  20171 Office +1 703 742 1071 Mobile +1 571 278 9411

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