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Control Number: PRP A7-22

The following draft CCSDS Recommended Standard
has been placed on line for CCSDS Agency review:

      CCSDS 521.0-R-1.  Spacecraft Monitor and Control­Message Abstraction
                        Layer.  Red Book.  July 2007.

DOCUMENT DESCRIPTION:  This draft Recommended
Standard defines the Spacecraft Monitor and
Control Message Abstraction Layer in conformance
with the service framework specified in the
Mission Operations Services Concept Green Book (CCSDS 520.0-G-2).

The due date for receipt of review comments by
the Review Coordinator is 2007-9-21.  Area
Directors and WG/BOF Chairs may submit review
comments directly to the CCSDS Review
Coordinator.  More information is available at the Web site identified below.

The review document, in Portable Document Format
(PDF), and associated review materials are
available for downloading at the following location:


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