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>From: "Sarah Handler" <sarah at omg.org>
>To: "Sarah Handler" <sarah at omg.org>
>Subject: Space Task Force Seminar
>Date: Tue, 10 Apr 2007 10:20:31 -0400
>At the next Technical Meeting, the OMG will be featuring a Space Task 
>Force Seminar. Below are our Technical Meeting Seminar specifics. We 
>encourage you to attend and also help us promote the day. Please use the 
>attached banner ads and information about the day to promote on websites, 
>newsletters, calendar of events, emails or other forms of event promotion. 
>We have included two versions of our Space Task Force Seminar banner for 
>you to choose from, a link to more information on the event, and a brief 
>event description.
>If you have any questions about the event or its promotional opportunities 
>for you and your company, please contact me at sarah at omg.org, or 
>+1-781-444-0404 x104.
>We look forward to seeing you at the event!
>Sarah Handler
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>Marketing Communications Specialist
>140 Kendrick Street Building A Suite 300
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>Tel:781-444-0404 x104
>Email: sarah at omg.org
>Space Task Force Seminar
>Brussels, Belgium  -  Thursday, June 28, 2007  -  0900-1700
>For More Information: 
>in Space And Standards:
>Many space agencies and other space related organizations and companies 
>are wrestling with the need for interoperability across the domain of 
>space and ground systems. The growing emphasis on participation in 
>net-centric systems-of-systems, global information grids, and standardized 
>space-ground communications highlights the issues involved. Many space 
>related standards exist, and new standards are being developed that 
>address various aspects of the space domain. These standards create 
>opportunities for international cooperation in space missions. They bring 
>together space agencies such as ESA and NASA, mission operators, satellite 
>manufactures, and software and hardware vendors. <?xml:namespace prefix = 
>o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />
>Two standards organizations, OMG and CCSDS, are jointly taking the lead in 
>creating the standards that solve today's problems. This Space Seminar in 
>Brussels, Belgium will provide a forum for discussion on the use of 
>standards within the space industry. During the day, participants will 
>examine both complete and emerging specifications, and look at the 
>successes and challenges experienced by various programs in both civilian 
>and military space organizations.
>We hope to see you at our special event. To register for this Special 
>Event, click <http://www.omg.org/registration/registration-brussels.htm>HERE
>NOTE: If you register for the Technical Meeting Week, you do not have to 
>pay the additional fee(s) to attend any or all of the special events.  If 
>you register only for special events, the special fees apply.

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