[Ccsds-omg-liaison] Evolution of XTCE

Adrian J. Hooke adrian.j.hooke at jpl.nasa.gov
Mon Sep 18 09:30:24 EDT 2006

Mario makes some important points. The first item of business is to deploy 
the current version of XTCE and that involves putting in place some tight 
configuration and audit controls so that any bugs that are discovered by 
users can be reported and dispositioned in an accountable way. I'd very 
much like to see the SDTF address these issues and come up with a plan for 
a formal mechanism for change control and evolution.

Also, I'd be grateful if such discussions could be CC'd to the CCSDS-OMG 
LIAISON mailing list <ccsds-omg-liaison at mailman.ccsds.org> rather than just 
the OMG list.

Best regards

Adrian J. Hooke
Chairman, CCSDS Engineering Steering Group (CESG)

>Subject: RE: Updated agenda for Space DTF at Anaheim
>To: "Kizzort, Brad" <bkizzort at harris.com>
>Cc: space at omg.org, Jonathan Gal-Edd <jgal-edd at hst.nasa.gov>,
>         "Jane K. Marquart" <Jane.K.Marquart at nasa.gov>,
>         curtis Fatig <cfatig at hst.nasa.gov>, Nestor.Peccia at esa.int
>From: Mario.Merri at esa.int
>Date: Mon, 18 Sep 2006 08:35:22 +0200
>Hi Brad,
>I see what you are after, although it seems to me that the topics in the
>agenda are certainly premature and have to my ears some negative connotation:
>hopefully we will come at the end of this month with XTCE approved and you
>are already working for changing it!!!!
>I know, I am exaggerating, but be careful that the user community is quite
>conservative and they want to embark on new things only if they are stable
>enough. They do not like moving targets ... but I guess you know this.
>I would suggest that you re-phrase the agenda points to give more a feeling
>of stability still obtaining the same results. For instance, we might propose
>to set up a feedback system (by the way, this is a request from NASA via
>CCSDS) where different missions or users can submit feedback. Additionally,
>the envisaged XTCE penetration strategy could also be presented:  initially,
>organisations could build (or re-use, if available) translators (proprietary
>DB format<->XTCE) so that legacy systems do not need to be modified; in a
>second stage, legacy systems could be modified to read and write XTCE
>directly. Finally, as suggested already by Kevin, it would be good if we
>could test the user community for the need of XTCE tools (e.g.
>translators).Experience tells that a standard has a higher likelihood to
>become successful if tools (hopefully free of charge) are available.
>I hope it helps.
>              "Kizzort, Brad"
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>                                                                      Subject
>                                         RE: Updated agenda for Space DTF at
>                                         Anaheim
>It is an open invitation for attendees to provide input on the direction
>of XTCE in the future, e.g.
>1) When should we charter a new revision task force?
>2) What new areas should be tackled?
>3) Are there areas that need revising due to difficulty in
>We will have just discussed XTCE in both the Space Information Day and
>the XTCE tutorial on the prior day, so the expectation is that a number
>of people will have had exposure to XTCE and therefore generate an
>exchange of ideas.  I don't have any specific goals except to capitalize
>on an opportunity to listen to the OMG membership.
>Brad K.
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>Subject: Re: Updated agenda for Space DTF at Anaheim
>what do you plan to say for the agenda point:
>"XTCE Birds-of-a-Feather - What's next for XTCE?"
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