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Friday, September 29, 2006, Anaheim

Two special events were hosted by the OMG SDTF in Anaheim.  The Space 
Information Day which we hold periodically to generate interest in SDTF 
work was held on Tuesday with attendance of about 30 and a group of 
excellent speakers.  Most of the presentations will be in the OMG member 
documents area in space/ by next week.

An XTCE Tutorial was held Wednesday morning and a birds-of-a-feather was 
held Thursday morning.  Most of those interested attended both 
sessions.  Boeing and Northrop Grumman (spacecraft & payload vendors) were 
both represented and are in various stages of of implementing XTCE-based 
documents for several programs.  There was an excellent sharing of 
practical experience and some commitments to continue exchange of ideas and 
possibly validation/report/editing tools via the www.xtce.org web page 
and/or future SDTF meetings.

We had hoped to publish the 1.1 revision of the XTCE specification after 
the Architecture Board meeting Thursday afternoon, however, the AB felt 
that our final report did not  adequately capture the issue resolution 
history and associated revisions.  It is important that the final report 
provided this visibility to the AB and to users of the specification
when the revision is published.  The AB expressed no technical reservations 
with the revisions, so the RTF was re-chartered by the DTC with a new final 
report date of Nov 13, for another shot at the December 7, 2006 AB 
meeting.  There is no intent to accept new issues/revisions (although that 
is up to the RTF), just finish dotting i's and crossing t's in the final 

The actual business meeting for the SDTF was brief, due to the other 
activities scheduled. No new RFP's were issued, and the submissions to 
active RFP's are not due until future meetings.  Brad Kizzort of Harris 
Corporation and Rob Andzik of RT Logic were voted in as co-chairs.

The SDTF extends its thanks to outgoing chairman, Gerry Simon.  Gerry was 
instrumental in getting the XTCE specification published, accomplished a 
great deal of work in the  1.1 revision, and in the cooperative effort to 
incorporate the CCSDS comments on XTCE so that the CCSDS can accept and 
promote the specification within its member agencies. Gerry has changed his 
employment to a company that is not currently a member of OMG, but we are 
hoping he will be back in the SDTF soon, bringing his new employer with him.


Subject: RE: Who will lead us to an approved XTCE?
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Yes, since I knew Gerry would not be eligible as for chair of the RTF when 
it was re-chartered, I volunteered to make sure that it happened. XTCE is 
very important to me and my company as well.  The 1.1 revision has in it 
some changes that are absolutely necessary for the specification's utility 
and survival.  I believe I have the information that I need to complete the 
final report, but I also hope that Kevin Rice will be able to contribute 
some time.  I don't expect any
additional votes on XTCE issues in the RTF, unless we need to clarify an 
issue disposition for the report.

Brad K.

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Subject: Who will lead us to an approved XTCE?


I saw that unfortunately, XTCE did not make it in this round. We should now 
understand why and correct all the problems for the next meeting.

Will you, as SDTF chair, be in charge of this new attempt? Now that we lost 
Gerry, we need a leader that could bring us to the target.

Please, let us know.

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