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Minutes for the OMG Space Domain Task Force (SDTF) at the 2005 Atlanta, Georgia OMG Technical Meeting<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />

September 11 to September 15, 2005


Thanks to everyone who made their time and energy available for this meeting.  The SDTF had tremendous representation with some of Space Industries finest technical leaders.  This co-meeting with the CCSDS continued with the cooperative arrangements established in Athens.


Monday - Co-meeting with the CCSDS Spacecraft Monitor and Control Working Group (SM&C)

·         SM&C review of actions,

·         Green Book strategy discussion.  Comments have been received, the new Green Book will be limited to 30-40 pages and many of the technical details will be moved to the Red Books.   Wide external review is scheduled for 28 November, 2005

·         Presentation of the Asynchronous Messaging System (AMS) - proposed CCSDS messaging standard - and discussion on the suitability of this standard for the SM&C protocols to use as a base messaging layer.  It is planned for AMS to be the normal messaging layer for the SM&C service oriented architecture, but adaptations to other messaging systems should also be possible.

Tuesday - Co-meeting with the CCSDS Spacecraft Monitor and Control Working Group

 (XTCE discussion)

·         Presentation of the combined work being done with GSGC JWST and JPL MER organizations to combine their respective XML mission data standards into a single RELAX-NG schema.  There was some concern that this emerging standard would compete with XTCE, however, it was determined that while there is some overlap, JMX is not a competitive standard to XTCE and there is no plan to offer JMX as either an OMG or CCSDS standard.

·         Discussion on the latest ESA review of XTCE - several broad topics were covered and seven major categories of discussion were identified (and subsequently worked off during the week)

·         It was decided to move the final XTCE OMG report date to April 30 to allow for a second 90 day CCSDS review on the draft 1.1 XTCE standard.

·         JPL & ESA & GSFC have committed to co-developing a Green Book for XTCE


Wednesday (SM&C Common and Core Services)

·         SM&C discussion, for the common services - working hard to finalize the Red Books

·         In the afternoon, an XML best practices meeting was put together with interested parties from across the CCSDS. There are 4 XML schema based standards currently in development/review, however, the practices used internally to these standards has a wide degree of variability.  A core team of XML authors was put together to establish a simple "best practices guide" for XML authors.  Gerry Simon (SDTF co-chair) is on this team.


Thursday SDTF Plenary & XTCE RTF

·         The SM&C and SDTF met separately on Thursday, so the SDTF could accomplish needed business.  Discussion was as follows:

o        Introductions, 10 attendees, including two new

o        A brief overview on OMG and SDTF

o        Discussion on the current XTCE status

o        Discussion on the Spacecraft Automation Language Metamodel RFP

§         3 LOIs have been submitted: Harris (Harris is open to co-submitters), Moltek, and NASA 

o        Dr Keith Nicewarner  <outbind://454/#_msocom_1> [gerry1] discussed the work his company - SpaceDev - is doing with CORBA over the spacelink - effectively bypassing much of the complexity normally dealt with in space/ground communications.  SpaceDev has had some remarkable successes in part by not being risk adverse.  Stuart Fowel (SciSys) was able to discuss similar work his organization had done with CORBA over the space link.  This conversation was rounded out nicely with inputs from Rob Andzic who architected the CORBA interface for RTlogic! Ground equipment.

·         Reference architecture update is needed and time is being allocated in Burlingame to address these updates.

·         A variety of possible SDTF new business initiatives were discussed

o        Trending analysis - a framework

o        SVG extensions for display

o        Ontology/Dictionary for space

o        Referenced archive

o        Ground processing equipment standard interfaces

o        Ground configuration standard

o        Spacecraft model

·         The balance of the afternoon (and evening) was given over to XTCE Revision Task Force issue resolution.  We were successful in closing most contentious issues.


Friday (SC M&C, MOIMS Plenary and XML best practices) 

·         XTCE RTF re-charter to change the XTCE RTF report deadline to 30 April, 2006

·         MOIMS plenary was held

·         The first XML best practices meeting occurred with a much smaller (and more effective) group.  The best practices will be a guide (non-mandatory).  We adopted camel case names.  Types, and Elements start with a capital letter, attributes with a lower case letter.  This is exactly the convention used in XTCE.  There will be future discussions on such exciting topics as whether to require fully qualified names and namespace conventions.

Next SDTF meeting is in Burlingame December 5-11, Proposed Agenda

·         Spacecraft operations language, initial submission presentations

·         Please send an e-mail to the chairs if you have an interest in attending the Burlingame meeting and if you have any other topics you'd like to bring up during this meeting

·         Software Based Communications (SBC) tutorial in Burlingame

·         RFI on Space model for MDA and Reference Architecture

·         RFP for ground system configuration specification

·         Update Reference model


Next CCSDS meeting is planned for the week before Space Ops 2006 (Rome)




Gerry Simon 
Co-Chair, Object Management Group - Space Domain Task Force 
SMC Det 12 VO/Lockheed Martin 
Center For Research Support (CERES) 
720 Irwin Avenue, Schriever AFB, CO 80912 
mailto:gerry.simon at schriever.af.mil 
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