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Nestor.Peccia at esa.int Nestor.Peccia at esa.int
Tue May 24 11:13:54 EDT 2005

Dear all,

I got an action in Athens to get some XML rules used at ESA and in OMG for
the XTCE standards.

You will find attached

   Last version of "Design and Style Guide for XML Data and Schema" produced
   by ESA BSSC (Board for Software Standardisation and Control)

(See attached file: XML-Standards-BSSC-20050331.pdf)

   XTCE Style Notes (provided by Gerry Simon)

Style Notes, used throughout the schema:

 - Element and Type names begin with a capital letter.
 - Type names end with the word "Type".
 - Attribute names begin with a lowercase letter.
 - Usually, when the UML class diagram references classes, W3C Elements are
used, and whenever
   the UML references simple types (strings, ints), W3C Attributes are used.
In general,
   attributes are preferred over elements because they're easier to deal with

   in SAX and DOM, but whenever the Element/Attribute may one day carry
   elements should be used.  One exception, is enumerated classes, because
   may be defined for attributes but not for elements.
 - Bias toward self-describing names over short, bandwidth conserving ones.
 - Use mixed case in names rather than underscores to combine multiple words
 - A documentation annotation is included in every element and type
definition.  Annotations for a type are
        included with the type definition, use of the type is annotated in
the element definition.
 - Hints on units (for values with units) are provided in the names of
attributes and
   elements (e.g. "dataRateInBPS" is preferred over "dataRate" OR
"frameLengthInBits" is
   preferred over "frameLength").
 - Major elements or any elements used multiple times are first defined with
a complexType definition
 - All collections are put inside either a "List" element or a "Set" Element
depending on whether the collection
   is ordered or unordered.
 - Simplicity in the XML files is favored over simplicity in the Schema
 - Whenever an additional validity check must be performed that is not
describable in the schema language,
   an appinfo annotation describes that validity check.

Please let me have your comments asap


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