[Ccsds-omg-liaison] Re: OMG ACTION ITEM from CCSDS-OMG/SDTF Telecon, 02 Feb 2005

Jon Siegel siegel at omg.org
Thu Feb 10 14:28:23 EST 2005

My fault; sorry. I'll add it right away. You can flog me when we get 
together in Athens :-)  (or, if that isn't quite appropriate, ask me to buy 
the first round of Retsina :-)

   --  Jon S.

At 02:24 PM 2/10/2005, Adrian J. Hooke wrote:
>Thanks, Jon.
>BTW, I notice that at 
>http://www.omg.org/news/meetings/tc/special_events.htm there is an "MDA 
>FastStart Seminar" scheduled from 1300-1700 on Monday, April 11, which is 
>the slot that we had agreed for our Space Day plenary session. And why 
>isn't "Space Information Day" even mentioned as a special event, whereas 
>"Enterprise Interoperability Information Day" is?

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