[Ccsds-omg-liaison] Re: OMG ACTION ITEM from CCSDS-OMG/SDTF Telecon, 02 Feb 2005

Jon Siegel siegel at omg.org
Thu Feb 10 14:02:52 EST 2005

Hi Adrian and everyone --

We'd be pleased to allow this. Our general counsel, Jamie Nemiah, is 
preparing a letter granting you these rights, and will do this for future 
documents as well. I've added him to the addressee list to put you into 
direct contact; this will help him get the letter to you, among other 
useful things.

Thanks and see you all in Athens --

Jon Siegel

At 11:17 AM 2/10/2005, Adrian J. Hooke wrote:
>>d) The first two (specification) documents need to be encapsulated within 
>>a CCSDS "Red Book" (Draft Standard) and the tutorial within a CCSDS draft 
>>Green Book (Report). The Red Book then needs to be sent out for expedited 
>>CCSDS Agency formal review:
>>    ACTION: Hooke - work with CCSDS Secretariat to assign document IDs
>>            and to expedite the formal CCSDS review
>>    ACTION: Jon Seigel - confirm that the OMG specifications can
>>            be encapsulated within CCSDS "cover sheets" without
>>            violating any OMG copyright considerations.
>Jon: we are still waiting for you to confirm that the CCSDS is permitted 
>to redistribute the OMG specification and tutorial material, encapsulated 
>inside CCSDS covers and with a CCSDS document number, without violating 
>any of your copyright or other legal requirements.
>Best regards

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