[Ccsds-omg-liaison] Draft summary, CCSDS-OMG/SDTF Telecon, 02 Feb 2005

Adrian J. Hooke adrian.j.hooke at jpl.nasa.gov
Wed Feb 2 15:54:39 EST 2005

(Draft summary follows; comments welcome):

A CCSDS-OMG/Space Domain Task Force teleconference was held on 02 February. 
CCSDS participants were Nestor Peccia, Roger Thompson, Marion Merri and 
Adrian Hooke. OMG participants were Gerry Simon, Brad Kizzort and Jon 
Seigel. There were three principal agenda items for discussion:

   1. XTCE review by CCSDS
   2. CCSDS-SDTF joint plenary meeting on 11 April
   3. Future CCSDS/OMG consultation on new work items


a) The OMG's Finalization Task Force (FTF) has completed its work and the 
XTCE specification went through the OMG Architecture Board. It now goes to 
the Domain Technical Committee for a (pro-forma) e-vote, after which it 
will then become an "OMG available specification" prior to the Athens meeting.

b) In order to make any future changes, the OMG will charter a Revision 
Task Force (RTF) to handle comments on the specification. Mario Merri and 
Nestor Peccia will be members of the RTF.

c) The XTCE specification consists of:
    - an English specification (English)
    - a machine-interpretable XML schema
    - a PPT format tutorial

d) The first two (specification) documents need to be encapsulated within a 
CCSDS "Red Book" (Draft Standard) and the tutorial within a CCSDS draft 
Green Book (Report). The Red Book then needs to be sent out for expedited 
CCSDS Agency formal review:

    ACTION: Hooke - work with CCSDS Secretariat to assign document IDs
            and to expedite the formal CCSDS review
    ACTION: Jon Seigel - confirm that the OMG specifications can
            be encapsulated within CCSDS "cover sheets" without
            violating any OMG copyright considerations.

e) The CCSDS Agency review must completed by 31 March 2005. Any RIDs will 
be fed back to the CCSDS-MOIMS Spacecraft Monitor and Control (SM&C) 
Working Group, who will meet early in the week in Athens to filter them. 
When the CCSDS-SM&C-WG is ready, the OMG-RTF will then convene later in the 
Athens week to consider the filtered SM&C-WG RIDs.

f) If the OMG-RTF decides that the CCSDS comments are significant, it will 
issue a draft revised XTCE specification as an "RTF report" - which will go 
back through the OMG's Architecture Board and Domain Technical Committee 
approval process.

g) In parallel, a copy of that draft revised XTCE specification will be 
sent to the CCSDS-SM&C-WG in late April, who will request a final CCSDS 
Agency review of a revised CCSDS Red Book during the May-June-July 
timeframe. The goal would be to publish a CCSDS Recommended Standard (Blue 
Book) by the September 2005 meeting in Atlanta.


This will be a full-up joint OMG-CCSDS "Space Day" plenary session at the 
Athens meeting, probably ~100 people from OMG and ~100 people from CCSDS, 
from 13:00 - 17:00 on the afternoon of Monday 11 April. The draft agenda is 
proposed to be:

13:00 Welcoming address: Dr Richard Soley, OMG chair
13:15 Welcoming address: Mr. Robert Spearing, CMC meeting chair
13:30 UML presentation (space-focused)
       MDA presentation (space-focused)
       Real Time Services presentation (space-focused)
       SDTF overview presentation
15:00 Break
15:30 CCSDS overview presentation
       CCSDS-MOIMS presentation
       CCSDS-CSS presentation
       CCSDS-SLS presentation
       CCSDS-SIS presentation
       CCSDS-SOIS presentation
       CCSDS-SE presentation
17:00 Concluding remarks (Spearing, Soley)
17:15 Adjourn


CCSDS folks have noted some "surprises" in the recent SDTF's program of 
work, e.g., the consideration of Goddard's "GMSEC" proposal for 
message-based architectures for space mission ground and flight software 
systems - which may possibly overlap with proposed new CCSDS work in an 
asynchronous messaging service. There is also CCSDS interest in the SDTF's 
proposed Automated Procedure Model.

It was agreed that both CCSDS and the SDTF should try to coordinate and 
consult more effectively and more regularly to avoid future "surprises". To 
achieve this, a "CCSDS-OMG-LIAISON" mailing list has been set up:

<mailto:ccsds-omg-liaison at mailman.ccsds.org>ccsds-omg-liaison at mailman.ccsds.<mailto:ccsds-omg-liaison at mailman.ccsds.org>org

This list is populated by the CCSDS Area Directors and the OMG-SDTF 
co-chairs. Both organizations agree to post information about possible work 
items of potential mutual interest to this mailing list in a timely manner. 
The SDTF co-chairs will also be added to the CCSDS asynchronous messaging 
service mailing list.

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